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Joshua House Helps Men Put Back Together the Broken Pieces of their Lives.

Many men have fear of appearing vulnerable or weak by admitting pain they have experienced in their lives. Many men either deny, store, or mask their pain. They live their lives stuffing and storing their pain, hiding their guilt, concealing their insecurities, and live a life of unresolved inner turmoil. These unresolved memories, emotions and negative life events can lead to depression, anxiety, anger and a host of emotionally destructive behaviors.


Eventually the pain men carry becomes too much to handle and many men self-medicate turning to alcohol, drugs, pills or whatever other substance placates their hurt.

Joshua House helps men put back together the broken pieces of their lives. We help with them process their difficult emotions and overcome their addictions.

The students in our program receive a host of classes that help them overcome their addictions, but also to equip them for life after they graduate. With our re-entry phase which occurs in the last two months prior to graduation the prospective graduates are taught how to create a resume, and upload it into one of the online databases, i.e. Monster, Indeed.


We help students get their GED, recover their drivers license, apply for jobs, apply for college, enlist in the military, we help them in whatever way we can to reengage life with a new perspective and a new vision for their future.

Joshua House is a second chance men’s recovery ministry that helps broken and addicted men overcome their addictions, and emotional pain, and get back on their feet.

We do this in part by giving the students responsibility. We are a working program and we send students out each day on work crews supervised by one of our staff members.

The crews can be labor, clean-up, yard work, construction, fencing, roofing, flooring, janitorial or any other host of jobs, and or projects. We also have daily classes that teach the men biblical principles by which they can incorporate in their lives. Principles that teach them to being better husbands, fathers, sons, and contributors to society.


We are a non-profit organization whose mainstream revenue source comes from the jobs that we acquire.  Have a job that you need done?  Honey do list that your honey hasn’t the time to get to?  Here is a partial list of projects we can help with. Click the Hire Us button below and get started today!


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Joshua House started 12 years ago with an idea and a heart to help men struggling with chemical addictions and the emotional trauma that is many times associated with addiction. The intention of Joshua House was to create an environment where men felt safe to freely express their repressed trauma and begin the process of healing. The main consideration for restoration then and now remains in our identity in Christ, what Christ has done for us, who Christ is to us, and the future that Christ holds for us. This has been our foundation since the beginning and continues to be the effective premise by which we operate today.

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JHMC is sponsored by Crossroads Community Church is a Christian Discipleship Program for men with life controlling issues. Our program is designed to reclaim, redeem, and restore lives that have been consumed by drugs, alcohol, and/or other life controlling issues. Our success ratio is 80%. For more information contact us.

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